We have been providing the finest quality fish & shellfish since 1969

Using land, sea & Air logistic services we specialize in supplying top tables across 6 different countries.
Using the fastest and most reliable transport links, this keeps us ahead of the competition when it comes to delivering perishable products in a vital timescale.
operating a tight system and using modern methods is vital in today's marketplace.
we've kept this strategy since day one when the company was formed in 1969.






We ship your seafood four days per week, we send out Monday to Thursday, Friday is the last day for delivery before the weekend. If you require a special service delivery for a Saturday a surcharge of £18.50 is added to the cost of shipping.
All seafood is packed into sturdy styrofoam boxes with thermo wrap liners inside the box to give maximum insulation to protect the food.
Gel-ice blocks are  used to keep the goods ice-cold whatever the weather, boxes are strapped & labeled so your goods are handled in the correct manner ensuring it gets to you in the right way, on the right day.
We issue tracking numbers with every consignment allowing you up to the minute information on the whereabouts for your convenience.





From Sea Floor - Straight to your Door

In Less than 24 hours

We've been doing this since 1969 | Our Quality is Catching.