Wholesale / Logistics / Distribution: European Network

We can provide most of the popular varieties of Live Shellfish, as well as a few of the more rare delicacies favoured by those who love seafood. Among our products are:

  • European Lobster (Hommarus Gammarus)
  • Brown Crab (Cancer Pagarus)
  • Velvet Crab (Liocarcinus Puber)
  • Green Crab (Carcinus Aestuarii)
  • Spider Crab (Maja Squinado)
  • Squat Lobster (Pleuroncodes Monodon)
  • Periwinkles (Littorina Littorea)
  • Langoustines (Nephrops Norvegicus)

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We have holding facilities in Berwick equipped to store between 12 – 15 tons of live shellfish using state of the art technology.

Refrigerated seawater is continuously pumped through high pressure sand filters ensuring the Lobsters are kept in a cold, dark, stress-free environment which is continuously monitored for oxygen, protein and disease 24 hrs a day

Our Distribution network has changed greatly over the last few years, for wholesale we use road , Ferry and Air transportation. The handling and documentation is carried out by Commercial shipping agents at the designated Airports that we use.

And by road : once trucks are loaded up they are sealed and set  en-route.

  • Key countries by road are :
  • France ( Lobster, Crab, Periwinkles,Crab claws )
  • Spain  ( Lobster, Crab, Velvet Crab , Langoustines )
  • Portugal ( Live Crab, Spider Crab , Lobster, smoked salmon, )
  • Ireland ( Lobster, crab, salmon.)

And By airfreight

  • Spain   
  • Portugal
  • China (Mainland)
  • Hong Kong
  • Dubai


For Retail:   Lobster , both Cooked & Dressed Crab, Langoustines.


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You can Shop with us Here in our retail shop in Dock Road , and via this website. we use an overnight delivery courier  offering next day delivery service.


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