hist31969: Company created by George and Phyllis Flannigan beginning in Low Greens Berwick
1970: Relocated to Spittal, taking over Boston’s old smokehouses, employing over 30 staff processing langoustines, wild salmon, crabs and lobsters, also supplying  a large UK Network.
1972: Berwick Shellfish (Grimsby) Ltd formed
1974: Opened lobster tanks at Lower Burnmouth. 1974 was also the first year for exporting live lobsters. Markets included Norway, Holland and France.
1977: Exports increased to include Belgium and Italy.
1980: The company relocated to Berwick Quayside, building large lobster tanks and allowing growth in the live shellfish side of the business.
1983: First vivier truck built. Carrying capacity of 1.5 ton of live shellfish in seawater tanks using a continuous supply of chilled air to aerate the water
hist11985: Until now velvet crab was a throwback product here on the East coast. Berwick Shellfish created and sourced a market in Spain, allowing a totally new product to land, thus  allowing the fishermen increased value to their catch.
1986: Second vivier truck built, capacity of 6 tons of products.
1990: Company relocated to Dock Road in Berwick, building largest holding tanks on the East Coast of the UK, with a holding capacity of 25,000 Kilos.
1993: Second vivier lorry was added to fleet.
1995: Exports expanded to include Spain and Portugal by road.
2003: Two new  articulated lorries added .transporting live shellfish from Scrabster and the Isle of Lewis directly to Barcelona and Vigo. Weekly volume around 23 tons of live shellfish and 5 to 6 tons of cooked.
2011: Complete new cooking facility built within Dock Road site, giving a processing capacity of 500 kilo of shellfish (mainly brown crab) per hour.
2014: Factory seafood shop opened April for the Easter trade and continues to grow. Offering over 30 different products via internet sales or customers coming to visit.

2015: Berwick Shellfish Company continues to grow in the retail sector by adding two retail crab Shack trailers supplying markets and fetes around the North East & Scottish Borders.

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