We are now stocking whitefish from wednesday through until Saturday each week, Our Cod is all Locally sourced giving our customers at least a four day shelf life,

COD :  is in chunky cuts or block and side fillets.

HADDOCK : is block fillet or oak smoked in natural wood shavings. ( this really is a […]

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Keep looking out for our outside event trailer , we’ll post dates and location as it becomes available.

but at the moment the main seafood outlet is being built.

we will keep you up to date asap

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Lobster V Notching programme 2014

This years  lobster v notching scheme is well underway , landings have been good all through the spring and have proved to be steady into the summer months , therefore helping with volume allowing Nifca to carry out their re-stocking of the female lobster berried hens .

? What is v notching ?  : well […]

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