Who we are

Berwick Shellfish Company is a family run business that specialises in supplying live shellfish of the highest quality to markets throughout Europe. The company has been in business for forty five years, and we have always prided ourselves on being one of the premier suppliers in Europe, with vast experience in the export of Live Shellfish.
  • Fresh seafood daily
  • Locally sourced products
  • Vivier holding facility up to 25000kg
  • EEC approved cooking plant 500kg per hour
  • Live / cooking / dispatch all done on site

Until 1969 George Anderson Flannigan worked in company sales from John O’ Groats to Lands End, staying in bed & breakfasts and hotels along the way.

Every so often he would come across the same old story from the landlady or the hotel chefs; “Where can we buy good quality shellfish, as so often we are unable to get it around here.” Seeing an opportunity in the making, and being the adventurous type, George began to formulate his ideas. He creatively sketched out methods of transportation, packaging and was continously on the move, generating interest and spreading the word that he was now able to provide such a service. He took the plunge and in deciding to form the Berwick Shellfish Company the seeds were sown.

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