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Remember it’s only £10 for a box of our goodies to reach your friends and families for christmas, get clicking in our shop and we’ll ship them on time for a Snappy Happy Christmas or a crunchin Munchin Hogmanay , which ever you prefer !!!!

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** New Products for Shop **

Why not pop in and try our new hot smoked products which include:

Chilli & Lyme Marinade
Lemon & Parsley marinade
Dill & Herb
Fish Tikka

Available in different size  packs ,  190g packs are only £3.00 each.   Side fillet cut 520g packs are only £8.25 each Ideal for Christmas……      

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Facebook competition

Follow the link to  our Facebook page and take the chance to win a £60 seafood platter – lobster, crab, langoustines, shrimp, oysters, smoked salmon, all for free ::, delivered straight to your door …. don’t hesitate :

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Berwick Upon Tweed ” Film & Media Arts Festival 2014 “

17th – 21st September ,  10 th anniversary of this popular local & Tourist attraction

Theme ” Border Crossing”

We At Berwick Shellfish Company are delighted to have been involved in the making of this interesting and Fascinating spotlight on our unique little Town.

There is a continuous film being shown in the icehouse in Bankhill, giving […]

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Inside the Shellfish Holding Tanks

Here we have a video shot inside the vivier tanks showing the Live shellfish kept in refrigerated seawater holding trays. Interesting video to watch

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We are now stocking whitefish from wednesday through until Saturday each week, Our Cod is all Locally sourced giving our customers at least a four day shelf life,

COD :  is in chunky cuts or block and side fillets.

HADDOCK : is block fillet or oak smoked in natural wood shavings. ( this really is a […]

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Keep looking out for our outside event trailer , we’ll post dates and location as it becomes available.

but at the moment the main seafood outlet is being built.

we will keep you up to date asap

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Berwick Beer & Food Festival 2014

A Big thanks goes out to all our custommers & Friends (old & New) for making our first real outside event work well.

We had lots of great response on products and ideas, and the weather helped make it too.

Keep an eye out for all our up and coming events by visiting our blog

Dont forget […]

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BBQ packs now available

You can now build your own Barbecue pack to how you like …

Not only do we have our usual selection of live Shellfish always in stock

But we now stock a vast range range of Frozen products that can be cooked straight

Onto the grill :

[ Raw Tiger Prawns] [ Shell on Jumbo Langoustines] [ Breaded Squid Strips] [ […]

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Crab Stew Basque Style

This is a nice little way to use crabmeat in a stew on a cold day. It is based off a Basque recipe – a little French, a little Spanish – and relies on lots of crabmeat, some shallot and some fish stock. I served it in individual ramekins, topped with toasted breadcrumbs. You […]

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